A Plan for Superior Court 2

As Superior Court 2 judge, I am committed to streamlining processes, ensuring a fair and speedy trial, stopping the backlog of cases, and defending the constitution. Grant County needs a judge who will ensure the courts are operating efficiently, reducing the taxpayer burden, and equipping employees with the skills to best serve you.

Nathan Meeks
  • Double the amount of time spent in court for criminal cases to ensure speedy trials
  • Refer all non-emergency custody, parenting time, and civil matters to mediation when it can be reasonably afforded by all parties
  • Implement a strict policy against second, or more, continuances per party
  • Set a plea cutoff at 3 weeks before trial
  • Create a policy to prevent resolution of first trial settings from congesting other trial settings
  • Utilize pre-trail release, home detention, and other alternatives to jail for non-violent offenders awaiting trial
  • Expand participation limits for family recovery court and encourage the use of other problem-solving courts
  • Develop a juvenile mentorship program and problem-solving court
  • Encourage DCS, probation, and court services to utilize all available resources to promote happy, healthy, and safe families; including faith-based programming if participant desires
  • Cross train staff to ensure the court is able to provide all services even in the absence of a team member
  • Create a timeline policy to ensure services are provided in a timely manner and deadlines are met
  • Utilize chronological case summaries to the fullest extent to increase efficiency of staff and public accessibility